Social advocates meet for the largest global conversation on health and environment since the outbreak of COVID-19

Ocean is one of the topics for the consultation. Photo: Marek Okon/Unsplash

Social advocates meet for the largest global conversation on health and environment since the outbreak of COVID-19

The largest global digital consultation ever held on environment gather voices from around the world to discuss the post-pandemic recovery, and how to advance human development in harmony with nature.

Loss of forest and wildlife cause increases in infectious zoonotic diseases. The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates the importance of the human nature relationship for global health and prosperity.

– I hope that this coming consultation can move the conversation to actions that civil society, individuals, corporates and governments can take to safeguard the natural world, and help restore ecosystems and ecological balance, said Dr. Mohamed Abdelraouf, chair of Major Groups at UN Environment Programme.

Provides a platform in a time of crisis

The online consultation on environment provides a platform were social leaders from across the world can meet to discuss some of the planet’s most pressing issues during the ongoing global crisis.

Many international processes are slowed by the restrictions to slow the spread of the pandemic. Restrictions are also shrinking the space for conversation amongst social leaders and civil society.

Dr. Abdelraouf is pleased that civil society will meet to discuss how we can build back better after CoOVID-19. It is especially Important that social advocates meet in times of crisis, the chair said.

– Governments must empower and engage effectively civil society in order to maintain their vital role in the public emergency response to make sure no one is left behind, said Dr. Abdelraouf.

Covid-19 encourage innovation

The International Consultation of Major Groups and Stakeholders takes place June 7th and is a preparatory meeting leading up to the Fifth Session of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA) next year and also feeding into the UN75 reform process. It will bring together right holder groups of society to engage with decision-makers, UN agencies and partners to pave road for stronger build back better phase, where environmental dimension of Agenda 2030 is prioritized.

The meeting is a part of the Oslo Act #ForNature Global Online Forum, initiated by the UNEA President and Norwegian Minister of Climate and Environment, Sveinung Rotevatn.

Forum for Development and Environment is the local organizer of the consultation and in charge of structuring the major digital event.

— During COVID-19 we need to be innovative. The world’s work for the environment must go on, especially in these times of crisis for nature, climate and health, said Kathrine Sund-Henriksen, the Director of Forum for Development and Environment (ForUM).