ForUM i klimamarsjen i New York, september 2014.
Foto: Kristin Marie Skaar/ForUM

About ForUM

Norwegian Forum for Development and Environment (ForUM) is a network of 60 Norwegian organisations within development, environment, peace and human rights. Our vision is a democratic and peaceful world based on fair distribution, solidarity, human rights and sustainability. Our main area of work is on the Sustainable Development Goals.

ForUM represents a wide variety of organisations and has a broad knowledge base. We thrive to be a solution-oriented network and a knowledge-hub that can contribute in policymaking at a national and international level. Our goal is to be a driving force for change and a relevant partner for the Norwegian government. Our focus areas since 2013 are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including financing for development and climate change.

We want to:

  • Support, facilitate and initiate development of common policies among our member organisations.
  • Be an important meeting point for Norwegian peace-, environment- and development organisations.
  • Be a competent and professional organisation with great expertise in our field.
  • Do advocacy work on selected issues.

Our work aims to:

  • Make the voice of our civil society partners heard in the development of Norwegian policies.
  • Make a strong contribution to a common Norwegian policy and practice for a fair and sustainable global future.

Our values:

  • Human rights are universal and inalienable.
  • Ecological balance: Our planet has limited capacity and resources must be managed in a way that secures future generations. Diversity in nature and culture must be protected.
  • Fair distribution – both in terms of power and resources.
  • Democracy: Everybody has the right to participate.
  • Peace: Armed violence causes and amplifies poverty, ruins nature and stands in the way of development. Conflicts should be solved peacefully. International humanitarian law must be respected.

ForUM is supported, amongst others, by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad).