Nature-based solutions are only solutions if it is not at the expense of nature or human rights

Nature's contribution is an important topic during the ongoing climate summit in Glasgow and will also be important in the negotiations on a new nature agreement in 2022. For nature-based solutions to be a tool in the fight against the climate crisis, they must not be at the expense of neither nature nor human rights, says nature advisor in the Forum for Development and the Environment (ForUM Norway), Ingrid Rostad.


ForUMs reactions to the Norwegian due diligence law

Thursday, 10th of June, Norway passed a historic law that will require companies to perform due diligence assessments of their value chains. The law is a massive win for Norwegian civil society organizations, which have campaigned for this law for several years.

World Environmental Day 2021:

Here's what some environmentalists focus on

To mark World Environmental Day, Forum for Development and Environment has spoken to fellow environmentalists around the world about some of the issues they are working on and possible solutions.