Climate adaptation and loss and damage - what role should Norway play globally?

29.11.22 08:30 - 16:00
Forum for utvikling og miljø, Utviklingsfondet, Spire, Fellesrådet for Afrika
Oslo Kongressenter
Youngsgate 21

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According to a new report from United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), countries must increase their funding and implementation of actions designed to help vulnerable nations and communities adapt to the climate storm dramatically. The global efforts in adaptation planning, financing and implementation are not keeping pace with the growing risks. According to the report, the progress on adaptation is slow and spotty and there is a great need for a united approach and strong political will.

The same can be said for the work with loss and damage. Specific actions to mitigate and adapt to climate change are essential globally, to avert and minimize the extent of loss and damage. But this cannot be done without broader policy and governance support, as the vulnerability of communities are affected by a multitude of different factors.

These are some of the questions we wish to address and discuss during this climate adaptation and loss and damage conference. What is the current situation, what are the challenges and what can be done moving forward? And from a Norwegian perspective - what role should Norway play globally?

Programme (will be updated with names shortly):

08:30: Opening remarks

09:00: Climate adaptation and loss and damage: status quo and challenges moving ahead

10:30: Break/refreshments

11:00 Lessons from COP27

12:00: Lunch

13:00: Mainstreaming climate change adaptation, loss and damage and holding governments accountable

14:00: Panel discussion with Norwegian politicians

15:00: Refreshments

15:15: Summary of the day and recommendations for Norwegian politicians

15:45: Closing of conference

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