FREE Screening Once You Know

13.02.24 18:00
Institut français de Norvège – IFN, Cinemateket i Oslo
Dronningens gate 16

Faced with the reality of climate change and resource depletion, filmmaker Emmanuel Cappellin becomes aware that a collapse of our industrial civilization is inevitable. In search of answers, he travels around the world to film people directly experiencing the consequences of climate change: wildfires in the United States, droughts in Australia...

Initially, he wanted to make this film for people suffering from eco-anxiety—even though it addresses everyone, well beyond those already sensitive to these issues.

A film that touches the intimate and transforms our view of ourselves and the world to better build the future.

The screening will be introduced by Knut Gunnar Nustad, political and environmental anthropologist from UiO, and Bergljot Prebensen, Sustainability Reporting Consultant at CEMAsys.

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