Locally led development – how does it work?

05.09.24 08:30 - 11:00
Forut, Forum for utvikling og miljø (ForUM)
Hausmanns gate 19

The space for civil society participation is shrinking in many places around the world. Locally led development has emerged as an important demand, from grassroots levels up to high-level meetings at the UN. But what does locally led development mean? And how can it be achieved?

Forut and ForUM invites you to a breakfast seminar to discuss and learn from partners on the ground.


08:30 Registration and breakfast

09:00 Welcome and introduction by ForUM

Presentations by Forut and APSA on their history and model of locally led development

09:30 Panel discussion with Forut, APSA and Utviklingfondet

10:15 Open discussion and questions from the audience

To registrer, e-mail: aron@forumfor.no