Loss and Damage in the Paris Climate Agreement

26.09.16 08:30 - 11:00
The Norwegian Development Fund, the Norwegian Refugee Council, and The Norwegian Forum for Development and Environment
Mariboes gate 8, 5th floor, Miljøhuset

Breakfast Seminar on Loss and Damage in the Paris Climate Agreement: Progress, challenges and opportunities for the most vulnerable

The people hardest hit by climate change are often those with the smallest emissions, and least resources. Therefore, the inclusion of “Loss and Damage” in the Paris Agreement was an important achievement for developing countries, and for climate justice. The agreement demands attention to the adverse effects of climate change that will occur and that are beyond the reach of adaptation measures. A specific work program, the Warsaw International Mechanism (WIM), is established to identify ways to address Loss and Damage within the UNFCCC framework. 

So far, progress is slow and the efficiency of the working program has been questioned.  The breakfast seminar will provide a better understanding of loss and damages, the operational process, and the progress so far of the implementation of WIM. An expert panel will address challenges and opportunities for the most vulnerable people in developing countries and how the International Mechanism on Loss and Damage should address those in the future.   

Welcome: Andrew Preston, Director of the Norwegian ForUM for Development and Environment 
Moderator: Kari Helene Partapuoli, Director of the Norwegian Development Fund

Erling Kvernevik
,  Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency, member of WIM Executive Committee (ExCOM) “Progress so far with regard to WIM implementation”, 15min  
Sönke Kreft, International Climate Policy,  German Watch “Loss and damages negotiations: main opportunities”, 10 min
Sandeep Chamling Rai, Senior Advisor, Global Adaptation Program, WWF.  “Loss and damages: challenges and opportunities for Developing countries”.10min via SKYPE.
Nina Birkeland, Policy advisor, Norwegian Refugee Council, “Climate and disaster displacement” 10 min
Rosalba Ortiz, Programme coordinator The Norwegian Development Fund. “Agriculture and loss and damage: challenges and opportunities”10 min
Sign up for the seminar: forumfor@forumfor.no no later than September 21:st 

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